How Old Is Lil’ Kim, Exactly?


In honor of Lil’ Kim’s birthday today, VH1 took a look back at 37 iconic fashion moments throughout her career. However, after quadruple checking various sources to verify her age, we had a minor heart attack when our research did not yield a conclusive result.

Wikipedia —not the most reliable of sources, we know!— pegged Kimberly Denise Jones birth year as 1975, which means she’d be 37 today. However, her IMDB bio states she was born in 1974, putting her at 38-years-old. Her bios on Billboard, TV Guide, Yahoo Movies and Starpulse corroborate Wikipedia’s 1975 birth. On the other hand, AOL Music’s bio page for the BK rapper is in line with IMDB’s 1974. In 2005, MSNBC wrote, “Lil’ Kim, who turns 30 next week…” which would again make this a happy 37th birthday. And in 2003 referred to her as a then 28-year-old making her 37 today. All of this begs the question: How old is the Queen Bee really?

Now as fun as it is to guess how old Lil’ Kim really is, as journalists, we take inaccuracies seriously. In an email sent directly to me from Lil’ Kim’s publicist, CJ Carter wrote, “Hey, also Kim is celebrating her 35th BDay…thx.” Ummmmm. Didn’t Kim celebrate her 35th birthday two years ago at the Millions of Milkshakes where her fans serenaded her with the “Happy Birthday” song? We love Kim no matter how old she really is. I even trekked all the way to the Bronx to see her in concert, something us Brooklyn girls don’t often do. But 35? If you say so, CJ. We’d love to see those receipts!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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