June Playlist: The Best Jams From Your Fave VH1 Shows


At VH1, countless hours are spent determining what music best complements our shows. This past month was no different as VH1’s CMI team worked to synch the best tracks to shows like Mob Wives Chicago and Single Ladies 2, tunes that added an extra spark to the drama onscreen. We thought it would be neat to give you an inside look into this world of music supervision.

To this end, we’ve put together a list of all the songs featured on our network in June — from artists like Timomatic, Emeli Sande, and up-and-comer Elle King. Additionally, we’ve included commentary from CMI team members as to why they selected songs for particular scenes as well as a Spotify playlist for you to sample. Enjoy, and look out for our July playlist!



  • The Asteroids Galaxy Tour “Cloak & Dagger” & “Ghost In My Head” in Mob Wives Chicago #101
  • Ladyhawke “The Quick & the Dead” & “Gone Gone Gone” in Mob Wives Chicago #101
  • The Ting Tings “ Give It Back” in Mob Wives Chicago #101
  • Elle King “Playing for Keeps” is the theme song for Mob Wives Chicago
  • Ladyhawke “Black White & Blue” in Mob Wives Chicago #102
  • Emma Louise “Jungle” is featured in Mob Wives Chicago #102:
    You heard “Jungle” by Emma Louise at the very end of episode 102 of “Mob Wives Chicago”. Renee is overcome with frustration when she realizes she might lose custody of her daughter. Her imprisoned husband’s connections and influence outside of jail may give him the advantage. Nora consoles her as we hear “my head is a jungle, jungle” from Miss Louise. A cry of frustration as a result of the psychological games her husband seems to be playing. – Isaac, CMI Music Supervisor
  • Uh Huh Her “Many Colors” is featured in Mob Wives Chicago #103
  • The Pierces “Love You More” is featured in Mob Wives Chicago #103


  • Arika Kane “Make It” is the theme for Hollywood Exes:The tone and lyrics of “Make It” are a perfect match for the Hollywood Exes theme. The driving R&B beat and uplifting tone in the chorus works well with the visual. the lyrics “Life is truly what you make it/Gotta learn how to embrace it” speak to this new chapter in the ladies lives as the move on from their famous exes and establish their own identity and success. Arika Kane is an up & coming indie R&b artist and this track is from her self titled debut album.-Lacey, CMI Music Coordinator
  • Rebecca Ferguson “Run Free” in Hollywood Exes #101
  • Melanie Fiona “Watch Me Work” in Hollywood Exes #101
  • Emeli Sande “Daddy” in Hollywood Exes #102
  • Haley Reinhart feat. B.o.B “Oh My!” in Hollywood Exes #102
  • Sarah Jaffe “When You Rest” in Hollywood Exes #102


  • Jenny Bapst “Party Life” is featured in Love & Hip-Hop ATL #101:We thought Melanie Fiona’s “Watch Me Work” would be a fun way to end the first episode of Hollywood Exes as all the ladies gather for a night out on the town. The song embodies what the series is about – strong women who won’t let anyone or anything hold them back – “Cause it’s alright/Don’t have to be afraid/There’s a spotlight that’s shining just for you/Go the distance then show ‘em what we’re really made of”.-Tracey, CMI Music Coordinator
  • Trey Songz “Heart Attack” in Love & Hip-Hop ATL #102:Joseline’s discovery that she’s pregnant is an extremely emotional moment in the series. The editors and I agreed that a perfect song could take the scene to the next level. After testing out quite a few tracks, we decided that Trey Songz “Heart Attack” had the right tone and lyrics to convey Joseline’s pain and confusion “It’s killing me/swear I never cried so much/ Cause I never knew love would hurt this bad/The worst pain that I ever had”.-Tracey, CMI Music Coordinator


  • Juliette Ashby“ Freaky Freaky Wow Wow” in Single Ladies #202
  • Emeli Sande “My Kind of Love” in Single Ladies #203:This was a really intense scene between Raquel and Antonio because he has to end things with her. The section of the song used had no instrumental, just vocals, so it created a really powerful, a cappella moment as Antonio walks away. Emeli Sande is one of our favorite artists right now, so we were so excited for the opportunity to get this song in the episode.-Paul, CMI Music Coordinator
  • Timomatic “Set It Off” in Single Ladies #205: This track literally “sets off” the episode as the characters ogle a former football player who comes into the boutique. Nigerian born, Australian singer Timomatic was originally a contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2009, and his track “Set It Off” brought the energy to open up episode 205. – Paul, CMI Music Coordinator
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