The Top 5 Most Entertaining Essence Music Festival Moments

by (@Lacezilla)

Beside’s Kevin Hart’s hilarious set Saturday night, there were some pretty LOL-worthy instances at Essence Music Festival in New Orleans this past weekend, and even though it was impossible to be everywhere and see everything, we put together a short list of our Top 5 Most Entertaining Moments for you all to experience vicariously.

1. LisaRaye McCoy Makes A Ca$h Out Joke
If you haven’t heard Ca$h Out’s “Cashin’ Out,” you’re missing out. Luckily for us, LisaRaye is hipper than most and made a delightful joke to VH1 News’ Janell Snowden on Friday morning, that went something like this:
Janell: I wish I had all the men that you do, LisaRaye.
LisaRaye: Shoot, I do too. We all need to be “smokin’ on that Keisha.”
If you don’t watch Single Ladies, this may not seem funny, but I assure you, it was. LisaRaye plays a Keisha Green on the show, and in real life, can pun on the character by referencing one of the most ratchet tunes of the summer; adding to the growing list of reasons that she’s a true she-ro of mine.

2. Robert Glasper Goes Ham In The Press Room
After they perform, artists are brought backstage to pose for a room full of cameras and answer a handful of questions. You’re on the clock, so this is very serious business, but apparently not for jazz pianist Robert Glasper. Once he stepped foot in front of the paps, he was stuck by the silliness of the moment, and instead of following the clear “turn left, turn right” directions, Glasper immediately fell to the floor and began posing like a Calvin Klein model. Once back on his feet, he made claw motions at photographers who, chuckling, ate up his endearing antics.

3. Women Forget To Put Pants On, Wear Only Underwear To The Superdome
This isn’t really music-related per se, but I’m including it in this list because it happened at a music festival. Here’s the deal: women, not teenagers, are now wearing just their drawers out in public. I get it, it’s The Big Easy and you’re trying to show off your best assets. Maybe your with your boyfriend and he likes that kind of thing, or maybe you’re just trying to catch someone’s eye, but ladies, this is not an outfit to be worn in the same room as folks in white linen and fancy gowns. Call me old fashioned, but I’m willing to bet money that even Trey Songz thinks it’s tacky.

4. Dru Hill Reunites, Still Uses Synchronized Choreography
For fans of Dru Hill, very few things are as exciting as the original members of the group coming together to perform a set of 90s hits. On Saturday night, however, the R&B group donned white suits in the Coca Cola Superlounge, and strutted around for not one, but two performances. In-unison jumps and coordinated dance moves made songs like “Beauty” and “In My Bed” even sweeter, and with an upcoming project looming, we can only do the Birdman hand-rub in anticipation.

5. Chaka Khan Sorta-Kinda Takes A Shot At Aretha Franklin
“I’m Chaka Khan, and I ain’t going no where,” announced the Queen of Funk around 1:30am in the Superdome during her set Sunday night. Pushed back by Aretha Franklin’s hour-over set prior, the “I’m Every Woman” diva, who was visibly under the influence, made mention of the lack of punctuality imposed upon both her and the eager crowd. I doubt there will be beef though, because in the next breath, Chaka thanked Aretha for giving her the platform to even enter the music industry in the first place. Good save!

If there was something outrageous that we missed this year, by all means, please let us know in the comments section. Until next year, y’all!

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