Bruce Springsteen And Paul McCartney Get Shut Down By Police For Playing After Curfew At Hard Rock Calling

by (@JordanRuntagh)

Rules are rules in England, and nobody is above them. Not even Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCartney! The Boss brought out the Beatle to lend at hand at the end of his headlining set for day two of the Hard Rock Calling music festival in Hyde Park. Eighty thousand music fans were treated to two historic duets: “I Saw Her Standing There” and an epic sprawling version of “Twist and Shout” that really let the E-Street band stretch its legs while Bruce and Paul took turns on the call and response vocals. For ten minutes we the crowd was in musical heaven, but then suddenly the tunes started getting quieter and quieter. It was thought (at least by us) that the band was simply playing softer. But soon Bruce went up to speak into the mic and nothing seemed to come out. He spoke for several minutes while Paul and lead guitarist Stevie Van Zandt looked on, but the words were still inaudible to the crowd. Eventually he gave up trying to play another song, shrugged, took a bow with the band and walked off.

Check out video of the incident below (if you want to cut to the chase, fast-forward to about the 10 minute mark):

We later learned from the Hard Rock Festival organizers that the London park authorities pulled the plug on the performance because they were playing after their noise curfew. Apparently all loud music must cease in Hyde Park after 10:30 PM, which coincidently is the same rule we had in our parents’ house. The only difference was that we were 11 years old and not a knight or a multi-Grammy-winning musical legend who shaped the face of a generation. Oh, and eighty thousand people weren’t also listening to our music. This is not the first time a Paul McCartney show has been shut down for a noise violation. Avid readers will remember back in 1969 when Paul and the rest of the Beatles were busted for playing on their rooftop. Have we learned nothing since then? The London Metropolitan Police has yet to be reached for comment, but we’ll bring you the latest as soon as they offer a statement. For now, our official statement is that this whole situation is really lame, and if we missed them duet on “Rosalita”¬†we’re gonna be so pissed. And you can quote us on that.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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