Madonna Parties In The Backseat Of A Convertible In “Turn Up The Radio”


Living la dolce vita is the motto in Madonna’s “Turn Up the Radio” video. As one of the world’s biggest pop stars, life gets hectic. But when life hands Madonna lemons she doesn’t make lemonade, she rides through the countryside of Italy in a vintage convertible escorted by a young, hot chauffeur. She escapes the noise of the flashes from paparazzi, but picks up various interesting individuals on the way. Nobody is off limits for Madge’s joy ride– breakdancers, random guys at the gas station, prostitutes, hitchhikers– they all have a place in her whip for fun times.

Despite the party with random stragglers she’s thoroughly enjoying, massive crowds never trail far behind because she’s still the Queen of Pop. And there’s a part of her that lives for that attention. There’s a playful affection between Madonna and the driver. At one point he’s thrown from the car with his pants around his ankles. In the end all of the vagabonds are gone leaving Madonna alone in the backseat with her younger beau/chauffeur behind the wheel. The Tom Munro directed video leaves it up to the viewer’s discretion as to whether or not she imagined the entire event. One thing that’s certain, at 53-years-old Madonna’s still got it. And we mean that in every way that “got it” can be defined.

Madonna's Turn Up the Radio Video

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