Lil Wayne Proves He Is Not A Human Being In “My Homies Still”


Lil Wayne and his skateboard take over suburbia in his new video for “My Homies Still” featuring Big Sean from the upcoming sequel album, I Am Not A Human Being Pt. 2. The front lawns of nice homes in a quiet neighborhood are crowded with Lil Wayne’s circus of disarmed naked mannequins, an elephant and random furniture. Not to mention a hyper Lil Wayne rapping in leopard shorts sans a shirt. “Don’t make my goons go stupid,” Wayne raps while the neighbor walking his dog looks rather perplexed right before his head turns into the dog’s and vice versa. Big Sean chills out next to his skeletal pal draped with a purple feather neck piece. And have we mentioned the chick making out with one of the mannequins on the porch?

For a split second there’s a flash of normalcy in this suburban area where three little girls are jumping rope. But within seconds it’s back to an upside down Sean and Weezy, plus everything moving in circles. Weezy skateboards at night, women’s heads are mounted on the wall and Sean’s head is on a platter for dinner. Of course this is no ordinary dinner. At the end his daughter Reginae Carter makes a cameo as they get hype in a movie theater where skeletons fill in a few of the seats. Skateboarding Wayne, or Wayne 2.0 truly wants to prove through this video that he lives up to the title of his forthcoming album– I Am Not A Human Being.

Upsode Down

Lil Wayne’s “My Homies Still” Video Offers A Bonkers View Of Suburbia [Idolator]

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