Passion Pit Explore The Art World’s Inner Workings In “I’ll Be Alright” Video

by (@zaragolden)

Maybe looking for one less thing to worry about, Passion Pit passed directing privileges for the “I’ll Be Alright” video over to a contest winner. Staged in an art gallery and replete with a pill-popping docent, gold glitter, and toga’s galore, they ended up with maybe the most thought-provoking music video we’ve seen since their last!

There must be something special in the bottle of generic looking pills the security guard chokes down, because soon enough the piece hanging opposite his post — a très minimal, gold lame triangle of sorts — sprouts a pair of glittery lips and begins singing to him. “Can you remember ever having any fun?” it asks — or, well, Michael Angelakos sings– before telling the guard that, “You should go if you want to, I’ll be alright.” Up and out of his his chair at this point, the guard approaches the singing triangle and begins to kiss it, eventually falling into it as the song’s beat inverses and things get messy.

Now veterans on the electro-dance scene, this second Passion Pit album is upbeat and eager to explore even the dark and tormenting corners of love, life and Angelako’s psyche. “I’ll Be Alright” is, after all, not the banner of someone who is alright so much as it is the call of someone who –after a few more dances danced, messes made or artworks fondled — will get there.

Gossamer hits real life and digital stores next week. And because you will likely be hearing a lot from Passion Pit this summer and fall, no reason not to get started early with this full-stream, courtesy of NPR.

Passion Pit — “I’ll Be Alright” Video [Stereogum]


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