The Votes Are In And Pitbull Is Actually Headed To Alaska

by (@zaragolden)

The polls have closed and the people have spoken: Pitbull is indeed headed to the far away and frozen tundras of Kodiak, Alaska! But he’s taking the man who got him sent there with him.

As we reported earlier this month, Walmart promised to host Mr. World Order and his preferred brand of energy-stripes to whichever store could accumulate the most “Likes” on their Facebook page. The competition was quickly hijacked by a trouble-making Boston Phoenix reporter and Something Awful contributor, David Thorpe, who figured it would be funny to send Miami’s pride to the coldest and most remote Walmart America’s got. Needless to say, his #ExilePitbull campaign worked, Kodiak’s far-off Walmart blew away the competition, and to Alaska Pitbull must now go.

“You gotta understand that I will go anywhere in the world for my fans,” Pitbull insists in the above video teaser announcing his upcoming trip. He probably means it, but — with parkas to be packed and a long flight ahead of him — he’s sure not letting Thorpe off so easy. Rather, he has (maybe a little menacingly) invited the jokester along for the great northern expedition. Thorpe has since assured on Twitter that he will “definitely got to Alaska with @Pitbull,” if only he can find a way to pay for the trip. Here’s to hoping that he does, and that he reports back — we are dying to know how Pitbull does on snowshoes, and if that bear repellant they’ve got actually works.

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The Internet Has Spoken: Pitbull Is Headed to Alaska, And He’s Taking Along the Prankster Who Sent Him There [Gawker]

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