EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jordin Sparks On Whitney Houston Teaching Her Not To Be Ashamed Of Your Past


Jordin Sparks has come a long way from belting out Celine Dion‘s “Because You Love Me” in her audition for American Idol at 16. At 17, she won that very season. Five years later the big voiced singer has landed the role of a lifetime as Sparkle Williams in the 1976 remake of Sparkle and her duet with Whitney Houston,”Celebrate,” is the lead single from the upcoming film. And in her wildest dreams she never imagined working with the indelible Houston who plays her mother Emma. Although Whitney’s time may have been cut short from us here on earth, we talked to Jordin Sparks about the invaluable lessons she learned from the woman often referred to as The Voice.

Whitney and Jordin may have started out as just cast members, but by the end of filming the two were friends. What she learned most from her was that your past makes you who you are. “If I could say one thing I learned most from Whitney…not to be ashamed or afraid to talk about your past,” said Sparks. “She had this presence that just, she walked into a room and you knew she was there. She didn’t ask for anybody to look at her, it just happened.” Jordin remembers Whitney having a wisdom about herself and not being ashamed of everything she’s gone through.

Whitney was also incredibly down to earth according to Sparks. “She was so cool. She was so chill,” Jordin said. “She’s this huge supernova diva, has sang all over the world, and millions upon millions of albums sold and the voice that every female singer gets compared to, and here she is with her robe on and she’s beautiful and she’s having a good time with us.” Everything about Whitney seemed like she would be that cool auntie that would tell you like it is. Stay tuned for more of our chat with Jordin Sparks.

Jordin Sparks Says Whitney Taught Her To Not Be Ashamed Of Her Past

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