EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nas Says ‘Hip-Hop Isn’t Homophobic Anymore,’ Support Of Frank Ocean Shouldn’t Be Surprising


Nasty Nas has been in the rap game nearly two decades, and with 10 studio albums his longevity is nearly unmatched amongst his hip-hop peers. To say he’s seen it all in the close to 20 years he’s been in the industry is an understatement. On the day of the release of Life Is Good we chatted with Nas about all things hip-hop. As someone who has worked with Frank Ocean on “No Such Thing as White Jesus,” meant for Nas’ current album but the recording session was lost, we asked him his feelings on hip-hop’s embrace of Ocean considering its homophobic past. And as a veteran of this rap thing, Nas wasn’t willing to hop on the “hip-hop is homophobic” ferris wheel.

“I think people shouldn’t say that anymore. Hip-hop is not homophobic anymore,” Nas said. “I don’t think it is.” He also said the support Ocean has received from rappers shouldn’t be a shocker. “I don’t see why anyone’s surprised,” he said. “Nobody’s going to want to hate Frank right now. Frank is cool people.”

Frank Ocean’s name was plastered all over headlines for opening up about loving a man when he was 19. Since then hip-hop artists like Jay-Z, 50 Cent and his group member Tyler The Creator publicly expressed their support, which has led to endless conversations about what this means for a genre that has historically been homophobic in its lyrics. In the words of The Don himself, don’t be surprised that hip-hop has love for Frankie O. Stay tuned for more of our exclusive interview with Nas.

Nas Says Hip-hop Isn't Homophobic


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