Iggy Azalea And T.I. Are Pageant Parents In The “Murda Bizness”


Obviously Iggy Azalea is not literally in the murder business as the title of her first single “Murda Bizness” featuring T.I. implies. The song is actually more about killing the competition through style and flossing more money than anything related to violence. To demonstrate annihilating one’s opponents, Iggy pokes fun at the cut-throat kiddy pageantry industry. The folks involved with the Toddlers & Tiaras show may not find this too funny. Oh, but it is.

For a little motivation to win, Iggy bribes her daughter with candy and Mountain Dew soda. A gaggle of children with full faces of makeup show off their talent and beauty in the race to wear the crown. And as with real life pageants, the parents are just as much a part of the competition as the kids. Backstage Iggy primps her princess for success. Since Iggy isn’t a regular pageant mom, she and her daughter play with stacks of money together. T.I.’s the father of an adorable little girl that has won seven pageants although she’s only 10. It’s not all bad blood though. Everyone gathers on stage to dance and play in piles of money with their trophies. If you’ve ever watched Toddlers & Tiaras then it’s safe to say the kids (really their parents) in these pageants really are in the murder business. They’ll almost do anything to win.

Iggy Azalea ft. T.I. Murda Bizness

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