When Asked About Guns In The Wake Of Dark Knight Tragedy Ice-T Said He’ll Turn In His Guns When Everyone Else Does


Ice T on guns

Ice-T wears and has worn many hats. Among those fedoras and skullies is the controversial hat that once led to President George H.W. Bush speaking out against Ice T’s 1992 “Cop Killer.” Amidst the Aurora, Colorado tragedy where a gunman killed 12 people on the opening night of Dark Knight, Ice-T spoke out publicly against increased gun control legislation. In an interview with London’s Channel 4 Ice-T said the United States is based on guns. He added that if people want to kill they will do so without guns. “If somebody wants to kill people, they don’t need a gun to do it,” he said. “You can strap explosives on your body. They do that all the time.”

If you had the pleasure of watching his documentary Art of Rap you understand that Ice-T is like the funny uncle that speaks his mind at the family cookout, but sometimes you cringe when he does. He continued with a KRS-One quote, “Like KRS said, you’re never going to have justice on stolen land.” He also said guns are necessary for citizens to protect themselves from police. It’s not that Ice-T doesn’t have at least one valid point in his position. It just seems a little awkward that he’s vocalizing his staunch pro-gun stance after such senseless violence less than a week ago, but he wouldn’t be uncle Ice-T if he didn’t. And in case you’re wondering about his weapons, he said he’d be happy to turn them in after everyone else turns in theirs. Basically don’t Ice-T not to be strapped.

Ice-T & Guns: Rapper Says ‘United States Is Based On Guns’ [Huffington Post]

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