Rita Ora Admires Rihanna, So She Welcomes The Comparisons


Rita Ora Covers Complex magazine

Rita Ora is slated as the next big thing. With a co-sign from her boss Jay-Z, there’s definitely a bright future for the Kosovar Albanian British pop singer. Already she’s opened for Coldplay on their tour and killed the stage at Summertime Ball. In September she’ll perform at Jay’s Made In America festival, which she promises to make unforgettable since it will be her first festival performance. Her name is slowly becoming one of mention, but who is Rita Ora the person? Complex magazine put the blonde bombshell on the cover to answer that question.

For starters, she grew up in the West London projects. Her older sister Elena is her road manager, Rita still gets nervous before performances, she loves Biggie, reps hard for Kosovo and she prefers Jordans over heels, which she also told VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live last month. And guess what? She doesn’t mind the Rihanna comparisons. Not even a smudge.

Her fame hasn’t been instant despite how it appears. “Three years later I’m just starting to come out,” Rita told Complex. “I wanted to release everything I’d ever recorded, but I was lucky enough to have someone like Jay to say, ‘This isn’t good enough. You have to find yourself.’ It was the best advice he could have given me—to be patient.”

In matters of the heart Rita is kind of involved with Rob Kardashian, but denied it’s a relationship despite him professing his love for her on Twitter. “I mean, it’s not really a relationship. It’s not that intense. He’s a cool guy. We’re close. We’re good friends. I got his back and he’s got mine. To me, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from—if you’re a good person and you got my back, I got yours. It’s that easy for me.” If “not really a relationship” means it is, but she doesn’t want to say it is in case things go sour–duly noted. No judgment here.

Rita Ora: Rita Rocs (2012 Cover Story) [Complex]

[Photo: Complex]

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