Chelsea ‘Lately’ Sits On Rick Ross, Considers Sex With Him


Leave it to Chelsea Handler to sit on Rick Ross‘ lap and declare, “I love big black men.” Rick Ross was welcomed with an unusual greeting–a too tight for TV hug and lap saddle– when he stopped by the Chelsea Lately show to promote Tuesday’s release God Forgives, I Don’t, which leaked Wednesday night. “Last time I saw you I was sitting on you too, remember?” she asks. “At the VMAs I got to ride him on a scooter.” Since she’d already delved in with a reference to riding him, Ricky Rosay reminds her that she promised him sex.

To ease Handler’s fear, you know, in case she ever wanted to have sex with him, Ross says he’s a passionate lover. “Very passionate, extremely,” he said. This would be a short-lived romance since Handler would want to get married afterward and he wouldn’t. Chelsea’s in luck though! The Maybach Music Group leader is all about compromise. “We could have the ceremony, walk you down the aisle, everyone’s happy, and we just not sign any paperwork,” he suggested. Boss!

In a less raunchy late night news, he performed “So Sophisticated” and “Touch ‘N You” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. But it’s Chelsea Handler you can thank for providing you with a visual of “the biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far” knocking her boots.

Chelsea Lately Talks Riding Rick Ross

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