Keyshia Cole’s Gone Mad In “Enough Of No Love”


Insanity ensues in Keyshia Cole‘s “Enough of No Love” video featuring Lil Wayne. Sick and tired of being sick and tired has landed her in a padded room that looks rather enticing given the circumstances. When she spazzes out her emotions range from anger to hurt as she works through the feelings in unpredictable body movements. In the outside world there’s flying shoes, jewelry and roses that land in an empty suitcase. Although Keyshia’s too preoccupied with her fits in the psych ward to physically pack her bags, it’s understood she’s hitting the road, Jack.

“Enough of No Love” is from her forthcoming fifth album Woman to Woman. Directed by Benny Boom Keyshia shows off her choreographed dance skills, which the R&B diva usually steers away from. While Wayne raps in a hoodie on top of a piano she dances her hurt (not to be mistaken with heart) out with several other women. Known for making film-like music videos, Benny Boom’s touch of items falling from the sky and exploding suitcases is the perfect dramatic touch to accompany the madness. All by herself Keyshia made a padded room look sexy. But when all of the dancers end up behind the same four walls, sliding to the floor because of the pain, it’s safe to say crazy never looked so good.

Keyshia Cole "Enough of No Love"

Video: Keyshia Cole f. Lil Wayne, “Enough of No Love” [Fader]

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