Azealia Banks Twitter Beefing, Again, This Time With Nicki Minaj


Azealia Banks Beefing with Nicki Minaj

Apparently Azealia Banks didn’t read our plea for her to get out of her own way. The tally of her rap beefs is pretty meaty. The latest addition to the tally of Twitter wars Azealia has ignited is  Nicki Minaj. Earlier this week Azealia Banks tweeted, “I got invited to tour with Nicki Minaj in Europe but I cant go because I have to finish my album during that time.” Seems promising, right? Unless of course Azealia was telling a little white lie.

Nicki Minaj tweeted, “#ManTheseB*tchesDelirious,” which was left open to interpretation. Since Nicki didn’t say any names it would have been too much like right for Azealia to ignore Nicki’s tweet that has since been deleted. Instead she responded directly to Nicki tweeting, “Did you mean… “delusional?” … Delirious was the wrong word @nickiminaj.” It was the wrong word, though. But that’s not the point! Focus, people. In a string of other tweets where it’s clear she’s talking about her latest rival, although she didn’t include her she tweeted, “Use good grammar when insulting others. I don’t believe “Rap game” hierarchy …Sorry. #Teamminaj = Free Promo! Thanks Barbz!” Of course Nicki hasn’t responded on Twitter or otherwise.

Azealia Banks beefing with rappers is like leaked naked photos of celebs. It’s not shocking anymore. Nicki is in good company with  Azealia’s other rivals: Iggy Azalea, T.I. and Lil’ Kim. She doesn’t seem to care about the troublemaker name she’s making for herself so early in her career. So let the chips fall where they may, or should we say let the diss records commence.

Azealia Banks Reignites Nicki Minaj Twitter Feud [That Grape Juice]

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