Tuned In: Tenacious D Were The Greatest Band On Conan Last Night

by (@zaragolden)

Last night on late night, Conan led a thorough investigation into “the greatest band on Earth.” Tenacious D have long been hailed — by themselves, at least — as such, and Conan called them just that in his intro, before asking them if the title was meant to be a joke. “It was a joke, kind of,” Jack Black explained, adding that, “but now, there’s no question about it: we are the best band.” However, it’s the thought that counts most for Black, who also said that, “If you don’t think you are the best band in the world, you should just de-band.” By any definition, Tenacious D were the greatest band on Conan last night, performing their “Senorita” live and “39” as an online exclusive in front of an enormous, inflatable Pheonix. “It’s got very powerful leg muscles,” Black assures. Greatest or otherwise, rock comedy doesn’t get much better than this.

Check that out “39” and their interview below!


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