Lollapalooza Day Two Recap: Chicago Showers Bring Mud Madness


What started off as a suffocatingly hot and humid Day Two at Lollapalooza turned into a mud bath by dinnertime. The Lollapalooza Evacuation 2012 commenced around 3PM when severe thunderstorms threatened the safety of the shelterless attendees. While initial reactions to the enforced mass exodus were confusion, anger and sulking, it was very obvious how everyone soothed their frustration. Booze. Lots of booze. Let’s recap the wet ‘n’ wild Saturday, kicking off with the single show I saw before the storm. And I’m so glad I did.

The Givers are the kind of band that makes a crowd happily throw their hands in the air, hop around and sing any lyric they know. Fans got particularly riled up during a lively rendition of “Up Up Up” and it didn’t go unnoticed by band members Tiffany Lamson and Taylor Guarisco. The Louisiana-based group repeatedly stressed how grateful they were to be performing at Lollapalooza. They gave (see what I did there) a spirited performance that surely pleased fans and won over some new ones.

Chairlift was next on the docket for the same stage but unfortunately ended up being one of the shows canceled. Cue three hour rain delay and the soaking of my moccasins.

And we’re back. While some concertgoers returned equipped with rain boots, many just went barefoot. Reckless abandon was the theme of the day (as it often is at music festivals) and people were anxious to get back to dancing and rocking out.

My first stop back was the constantly-bumping, rambunctious Perry’s stage, where Skream & Benga were having no problem dubstepping the crowd back into full festival mode. Naturally at least two mud pits had formed and wrestling had commenced.

The wet, filthy, very drunk/stoned crowd Lost.Their.Minds. for Calvin Harris. The throngs of rowdy teens were dancing, fist pumping, fighting and puking. Stray shoes fallen victim to the mushy terrain laid all over the field and were then thrust in the air – one particularly mud-laden flip-flop hitting me right in the chest. To say this concert was a sh*tshow is putting is mildly, but there’s no doubt the kids were having the time of their lives.

Next up was one of the most anticipated shows of the weekend – the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The excitement was palpable in what was certainly the largest crowd I experienced the first two days. Flea appeared on stage first, surveying the crowd as he was welcomed with an eardrum-shattering reception. Frontman Anthony Kiedis came out soon after and the rock show began. Hit after hit was delivered, thousands of fans singing along with each. Both Flea and Kiedis turn 50 this fall, but there’s no doubt the Peppers have still got it.

It was only fitting I saw this young chap taking a bath in a puddle on the way out.

Now it’s off to Grant Park for Day Three, fully aware that it’ll take every fiber of my being not to fangirl out in Florence Welch‘s presence.

[Photos & GIFs: Lauren Olson]

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