BRACKET MADNESS: Does Celine Dion’s Voice Or Mariah Carey’s Hits Matter More?


You wouldn’t want to go up against Celine Dion or Mariah Carey if there were some sort of singing competition similar to a battle rap. Whether both of them possess the pipes to ease through each note as if they were born to sing isn’t arguable. What is debatable for our Bracket Madness is which one should have the chance in the next round to take the crown for greatest artist of the 90s. Celine Dion has the voice and hefty album sells while Mariah has the voice and No. 1 hit singles. The 90s definitely was good to them, but both of these extraordinary singers have timelessly created timeless music that spans well past the 90s era.

“Because You Loved Me” is not only one of Celine Dion’s most popular songs, it’s by far one of the greatest love songs of all time. Totally a song you’d play at your wedding. When thinking of all the love songs in Mariah’s repertoire the closest one to tug at the heart strings in that way is “One Sweet Day” featuring Boyz II Men. Mariah’s songs may not immediately jump out as wedding day bliss, but there’s literally countless–“Hero,” “My All,” “Always Be My Baby,” “Breakdown” and more–that touch you in different ways. Where as Celine Dion has the soothing yet powerful enough to move mountains voice, Mariah has the versatility in sound and content. Mariah can swell up your eyes with tears, or make you dance when she throws a rapper on a song like “Honey.” Mariah’s hits will be remembered for many, many moons; and Celine’s angelic voice will not perish minds quickly, either.

Will you vote for Celine’s voice or Mariah’s hits to take one of these ladies the next round? Voting ends Wednesday, August 8 at 4 p.m.

Celine vs. Mariah

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