BRACKET MADNESS: Were You Feeling Nirvana’s Grunge Or TLC’s Funky Hip-Hop Soul?


It’s on, folks! Voting for Round Two of Bracket Madness for the greatest artists of the 90s is upon us. And the choice isn’t getting any easier. By popular vote, Nirvana slaughtered Pearl Jam in a land slide win of 29%. In a much closer call, TLC beat out Boyz II Men by a 13% vote. Now it’s time for the alternative rock band to duke it out with the super girl group for the chance to take on either Green Day or Mariah Carey for the championship win. Since we’re in Olympics mode we want you to jump hurdles, cartwheel or leap to vote for either Nirvana or TLC.

Nirvana and TLC may be total opposites in sound, but they ironically share a few similarities like being trios and mourning the untimely tragic losses of one of their group members. Not to mention they both influenced a generation by making music that spoke to their peers. Nirvana with its heavy rock sound could yell over a track like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and make it sound magnificent. TLC didn’t need to scream to get your attention on songs like “Hat 2 da Back,” they commanded it with their soft voices,yetvibrant personalities. Nirvana had the greatness of Kurt Cobain and the brilliance of Left Eye was cultivated in TLC. Nirvana popularized grunge music in mainstream and TLC made it cool to dare to be unique. Come on. How can you even pick one over the other? But, you have to! Voting for the greatest artist of the 90s ends Friday, August 10 at 4 p.m. Make sure to check in to see who’s in the lead.

TLC vs. Nirvana

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