Music Video Premiere: Delta Rae, “Morning Comes”

by (@unclegrambo)

Delta Rae‘s new music video for “Morning Comes,” the second single off the band’s new(ish) Carry The Fire LP, begins in a fairly non-descript manner: a solitary man, wearing a ratty white button-down, appears in the frame and adjusts his skinny black tie. He’s got a pained look on his face, and it’s not quite clear what he’s getting dressed up for (Another sad day at the office? A funeral of a loved one?). However, the video kicks into gear just as the chorus does, and all of a sudden, what we thought was a sparsely decorated room in the middle of nowhere turns out to be set on a beach.

At this point, the video transforms into a combination of ABC’s Wipeout, “Bittersweet Symphony” and an OK Go production. The man, who we learn is Delta Rae singer Eric Holljes, strides purposefully toward the camera while being made to suffer a number of indignities at the hands of his bandmates: He gets sand thrown in his face, gets pummeled by a pair of puget sticks, pushed into a shallow sand grave and buried with bouncy balls, and sprayed with fire extinguishers (to name just a few of his obstacles). Importantly, he does so with a huge grin on his face (and no cuts by the camera).

There is a loose thematic tie between the visuals of the video and the song’s lyrical content, which revolves around a hard working man getting beaten down by The Man™. Wisely, though, the video’s spirit never makes a hard left turn into Depressionville, and instead retains a spirit of fun fun fun, largely due to its setting in the warm California (setting) sun, and the equally warm personalities of the members of Delta Rae.

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