Who is PSY, And Why Is His Song “Gangnam Style” The Third Most Popular Video On YouTube?


In the spirit of the Olympic Games, it’s time for our VH1 Song of the Summer to look at a track tearing up the charts on a global level. South Korean singer/rapper PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” was released on July 15 and entered the GAON Singles Chart at No. 1. It also hit the iTunes Top 40 in Sweden, Denmark and New Zealand.

When Twitter’s Head of Music @tatiana first tweeted the “Gangnam Style” video last week, it already had 12 million views on YouTube – in only two weeks.

Since then, we’ve added dozens of views ourselves singing along (to the parts we understand) of the infectious song and hypnotizing video. (It’s up over 23 million now and shows no signs of slowing down.)

Here’s what we know learned from Wikipedia: PSY (Park Jae-Sang) is a South Korean K-Pop star known for his sense of humor – during concerts he’ll sometimes perform as famous female Korean stars. He graduated from Boston University and attended Berklee College of Music, but his music has been considered somewhat controversial in his native Korea: He was fined for his first album, PSY from the PSYcho World!, for promoting inappropriate content for underage listeners and his second album was banned. The Gangnam district is an upper-middle class district on Seoul, Korea.

If South Korea can’t handle him, we think North America is ready. He’s like a classier, better dressed and superior dancing LMFAO.

We don’t know if the Gangnam District is really all tuxedos, horses, saunas, K-Pop star cameos, inspiring choreography and the cleanest subways we’ve ever seen, but we’re considering booking a trip to find out.

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