2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony: 3 Acts That Got Cut And 5 More You Can’t Miss

by (@zaragolden)

As they’ve been wont to do, NBC clipped and hemmed last night’s Closing Ceremony broadcast in order to get things wrapped before their new sitcom, Animal Practice, was scheduled to air. Of the acts cut Ray Davies of The Kinks, Muse, and probably most egregious of all The Who, who closed the closing spectacle.
Ray Davies performed the Kink’s classic, “Waterloo Sunset”

Muse played their Olympic theme song, “Survivor”

The Who closed the Symphony of British Music with a run of their hits that included  “Baba O’Riley,” “See Me, Feel Me,” “Listening to You,” and “My Generation.”

All of Britain’s best was on show last night, and You Oughta Know alum and the Spice Girls‘ reunion aside, there were a lot of performances of note. Kate Bush and David Bowie sat this one out but were celebrated nonetheless with musical montages and models, the Pet Shop Boys did their “West End Girls” thing, and the whole thing seemed strangely insistent that we learn to love Jessie J the way they do (she showed up three times). Of it all, the five acts you can’t miss:

Young Guns: Representing for the new school were One Direction, who performed “What Makes You Beautiful” in denim and blazers on a flatbed truck, like the true blue boy band they are. Zayn Malik even wore a bowler hat. Cute!