Shyne Reignites Beef With Diddy In New “You’re Welcome” Diss


Shyne Ends Diddy Truce With New Diss Record

“It was all good just a week ago.” So much for the publicly squashed beef earlier this year between Puffy and Shyne. Shyne has a bone to pick with the head of Bad Boy and refuses to bury it in the dirt. According to Miss Info, the former Bad Boy emcee called her from Paris to express his hurt feelings that Puffy hasn’t delivered on the promises he made to fight for his return to America following Shyne’s deportation to Belize after his prison release for a 10 year sentence. And why would this be Puffy’s problem? Well, word on the street is Shyne took the fall for Puffy in a 1999 NYC nightclub shooting where Diddy and then girlfriend J.Lo fled the scene. Shyne has always accused Puffy of not contacting him or sending him money while he was incarcerated, but the two buried the hatchet and were photographed together during this year’s Paris Fashion Week. My how quick things change.

“Homeboy did me dirty, he knows that, he apologized,” Shyne told Miss Info. “He’s said he’s gonna spend the rest of his life helping me get my life back…so how you don’t help your man come back to America?!”

Since Shyne is getting the help he feels he’s entitled to, he released the five verse “You’re Welcome” diss about the infamous night that changed his life. “I need to know, how my co-d [co-defendant] called witness to sacrifice me/Just so he can get away free/this does not comply with the streets/But he ain’t from there, this is not a smear/this is what they fear/the whole truth/I swear.” Shyne’s voice and rhyme pattern doesn’t sound at all like the promising star he was in the 90s. If he’s looking for Puffy to respond, he’ll likely be waiting forever.

Shyne Ends Truce With Diddy, Releases Diss Song “You’re Welcome” #Exclusive [Miss Info]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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