Lady Gaga Flashes Her Boobs, But Keeps On Dancing In “Monstervision” Video


Boobs are flying everywhere! In Lady Gaga‘s latest NSFW “Monstervision” video Lady Gaga talks to her beloved monsters, fresh faced with wild blonde hair before sharing three personal home videos. Gaga’s maternal side made our uteri do a flip as she holds her godson Zachary (Elton John‘s son). Once she kissed his chubby cheeks, we melted. Following her glowing god-mommy moment Gaga showed a clip of herself dancing to “Shiza” on Christmas. As she dances/jumps around the living room she lifts her sweater exposing her bare breasts…over and over and over. Not that anyone is complaining. Her sister, who is recording the video, snickers at the silliness of it all. In a flash mom joins her daughter to dance along, handing Gaga a Christmas tree lamp to use as a microphone. Could this mother and daughter moment be more adorable?

At the end the head monster in charge shows the never before seen rehearsal tape for her 2011 MTV VMAs “You And I” performance. We’re not sure how this happens, but her duet dance routine with her mom at Christmas overshadows the fact that we’ve now seen both of Lady Gaga’s breasts. What can we say? We’re suckers for candid celebrity moments of silliness.

Lady Gaga Flashes Both Boobs In "Monstervision" Video

Lady Gaga Flashes The Camera In Latest “Monstervision” Video

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