BRACKET MADNESS: *NSYNC And Backstreet Boys Face Off In The Battle Of The Boy Bands

by (@zaragolden)

And so Bracket Madness begins again, this time pitting your favorite artists from the last decade against each other because at competition’s end there can be but one VH1 The Greatest Artist of the 00s! First up, we have *NSYNC versus Backstreet Boys, the great boy band battle. The turn of the millennium heralded a golden age of pop, and both *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys arrived on the scene already prime boy band specimens, complete with Mickey Mouse Club alums, glossy singles, and sweet choreographed dance moves. They weren’t the same, though, and the masses were quickly divided — each with their preferred band, each with their favorite boy. And now there can only be one. Who should it be?

On the one hand, we had the Backstreet Boys. First on the scene, their early hits like “I Want It That Way” set the standard for all sorts of swoony boy bands to come. More egalitarian than most boy bands, A.J., Howie, Brian, Nick and Kevin took turns playing lead, though each with their own style and energy (Nick being the cute one, A.J. the bad boy, and so on). Together they pumped out eight albums and twenty five singles, and earned a total of eight Grammy nominations. And all these years later, they are still at it. Alright!

Then there is *NSYNC, who hit the ground running after they filled in for the Backstreet Boys at a Disney concert when they had to back out. They won hearts with typical boy band fare like “I Want You Back” before edging into more bold material like the meta “Pop” and “Girlfriend,” featuring Nelly. Together, they put out three studio albums and eighteen singles; and Justin Timberlake has since had a successful solo career, as has JC Chasez.

And thus, the Battle of the Boy Bands.┬áThe battle of the boy bands is a battle that has already played out in many a venues: on the basketball court, on Celebrity Deathmatch, and perhaps most violently in the bedrooms of tween and teen girls everywhere (having been a teenage girl myself during this time, I can attest to this). So, lets settle this once and for all in this first round: who’s it going to be? Polls close Wednesday, August 29 at 11AM, so vote now and then check back in to see which group advances to the next round!

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