Lupe Fiasco And Guy Sebastian Shed Those “Battle Scars”


Battle scars of life. Battle scars from love. Battle scars caused by war. Lupe addresses all three in the video to his third single from the September 25th Food & Liquor II. The visual for “Battle Scars” is quite the contrast from his previous controversial “Bitch Bad.” Lupe and Australian singer Guy Sebastian lament about being wounded from whatever it is that has caused one’s battle scars. Hurt people write down what they’re fighting to overcome on a blank page. Lupe lights a torch, throwing it inside the abandoned building to represent setting those hurdles on fire and overcoming. The pages are ripped from the book so each person can start anew with no more war wounds.

At the end there’s a message: “Turn off your computer right now. And go outside and do something to change the world.” If this is the “reducing rap to a game of preaching to the converted” that the Spin writer who wrote a a scathing critique of “Bitch Bad,” the world could use a little bit more of it. No harm in, you know, actually having a message in the rhymes.

Battle Scars Video Ft. Guy Sebastian

Lupe Fiasco: Battle Scars Video [Pretty Much Amazing]

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