Bracket Madness: Do You Go “Numb” for Linkin Park, Or “Lose It” For Eminem?

by (@zaragolden)

After a tough round of voting, with 18,000 casting votes for Eminem versus Jay-Z and 20,000 for Nickelback versus Linkin Park, we are left with a pairing that pits Linkin Park against Eminem. This round’s second match-up may pull less heart strings than the Britney versus Justin face-off, but it will be no easier a decision. Did you go “Numb” for Linkin Park’s unique brand of rock, or did you “Just Lose It” for Em? If there can only be one Greatest Artist of the 00s, who should it be?

In this round, Eminem represents 00s hip hop’s finest. Em dropped five albums between 2000 and 2010, all hits and each a challenge to rap as it had historically been done. Having grown up poor and angry in Detroit, Em had a lot to of material work with when he got up to the mic. Sometimes he was funny, like his address to the haters, “The Real Slim Shady”; other times he was serious, like with the reflective “Stan.” And always, he was provocative and sharp, courting controversy and accolades alike.

Linkin Park also sort of rapped, and that’s not even what’s most interesting about the 00s rock band. They wove rap and alternative, metal and alternative into their rock; and, though it’s never been a requirement for great rock bands, they wrote lyrics that spoke to their fans and fueled more than a few adolescent mood swings.

Who will it be? Polls close Tuesday, September 4 at 4PM, so vote now and then check back in to see which group advances to the next round!

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