How To Throw A Big Booty Themed Birthday Party Like 2 Chainz And Kanye West

by (@zaragolden)

How was your last birthday party? If you didn’t have an a** cake or a mini-bike riding rap star on hand, then it probably could have been better. 2 Chainz shows us how it should done with the help of Kanye West in the new video for his “Birthday Song.” Let’s watch and learn.

All 2 Chainz wants for his birthday is a “big booty hoe,” and so things are of course big booty themed: a big booty cake, ladies undies hung like streamers, real-live big booties everywhere, etc. But the fun doesn’t end there. The video is directed by Andreas Nilsson, who usually works with more indie acts like Yeasayer and MGMT, and so there are clowns and doppelgangers and other oddities, too. It’s a little left field as far as rap videos/birthday parties go, but 2 Chainz is a little left field asĀ  far as rap goes, and so the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

Like what you see? You, too, can throw a big booty themed birthday! You will just need a few things:

A woman dressed like a birthday cake, aka, naked, covered in icing and laid out on the table; not for eating:

A birthday cake shaped like a big booty; this one, to be eaten:

An old man dancing and drinking a 40 oz, at the same damn time:

A kid that looks like you, to keep in the corner:

Musical chairs, but with lap dancers

A little bike for Kanye:

A flesh-and-blood clown, to be used like a pinata:

A Slip-and-Slide:

A birthday suit: 2 chains, of course, extra big for the special day; and some gold for your wrist, too.

And most of all, agood friend to dance with:


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