Madonna And Elton John Finally Play Nice, Ending Their Medium Rare Beef


Elton John and Madonna Finally End Their Feud

The mudslinging between Elton John and Madonna has been ongoing, or as the British say, a bloody mess! The Sun reports the two are finally tired of the bickering and have made up. According to The Sun, the two bumped into each other at a La Petite Maison restaurant in Nice, France. Before Elton John left the two chatted and shared a laugh. “Just as he was leaving, he went over to talk to Madonna and they were laughing and smiling,” a source told The Sun. Loving is so much better than fighting.

When the two were both nominated for a Golden Globe last year the competitive gloves were off. Elton John threw shade Madonna’s way on the red carpet. Since then there’s been an awkward back and forth between the two musicians who are also parents. Elton shocked everyone recently when he had nothing nice to say about Madonna, saying she looked like “a f—— fairground stripper” and called her a “cunt.” He even alluded to her career being over. Known for her subtle snark, Madonna fired shots at him with a snide remark about forgiving him while calling him her “fan.” With all of the name calling (mostly done by Elton John) we didn’t know how this would all end. If a posh restaurant in France is what it took to get these two back to a peaceful harmony then we say, bon vie!

Madonna M-Elts [The Sun]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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