5 Things To Watch For At Tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards

by (@zaragolden)

With only a hours left until showtime, we’ve got our seat chosen and snacks purchased and and watched everyone of the nominated videos, so all that’s left to do now is wait and see who Rihanna pulls from the pile first when Chris Brown and Drake get in a big fight. Though their attendance has been much buzzed about, this hopefully won’t happen. And anyways, the schedule of events has so much more to offer: a slew of high-profile performers, many Moonmen to be won, and, as always, moments to be made. There’s going to be a lot to take in, so we’ve come-up with a plan of action and here are the five things we are most excited to watch for tonight:

Who will be Nicki’s special guest?
The bill for tonight’s show is looking full with not to be missed performances:

  • Rihanna will open the show with “Where Are We Now,” then A$AP Rocky will join her for their new “Cockiness (I Love It)” remix.
  • Lil Wayne has “No Worries” that he’ll be great when he performs the Dedication 4 track live for the first time
  • Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong has been sick, will he be well enough tonight to “Kill The DJ”?
  • Best New Artist Frank Ocean will show-off his chops.
  • Taylor Swift is set to debut “We Are Never” in all it’s back-talking, boyfriend snubbing glory live tonight. And rumor has it that Kanye is skipping, so she’ll be able to “ever ever” with out interruption.
  • Alica Keys promised to play something new tonight. Earlier this week, she released two-thirds of the “Girl on Fire” trilogy, will she play Inferno or Blue Light or a third? Or maybe all three, as medley?
  • The cuties from One Direction direction have promised to “make a moment” with there performance.
  • P!nk will round-out our Storytellers trio.
  • Ever the colorful performer, Nicki Minaj is bringing her frequent partner in rhyme 2 Chainz along for the show, as well as a secret guest. It sort of seems like Nicki has worked with everybody — David Guetta to Willow Smith, Chris Brown to Drake — in the past year, and so this secret guest could be anyone. Alternatively, maybe her secret guest could be the sort of secret guest Beyonce revealed during last year’s show. Just kidding, it’s unlikely that Nicki’s with child; more likely, she is, though, brimming with yet born alter-egos, like the Vatican enraging one she brought last year to the Grammy’s. Whatever she ends up doing, it surely be a scene.

The Audience.
What happens on stage is only a part of a big show like this. Particularly for those of us tuning in from home, because with so many famous people made to sit in such close proximity for so many hours something is bound to happen and a camera will be ready and waiting to catch it. Like, say Nicki Minaj is on stage performing “Super Bass” and the camera pans out, scanning the audience it finds BFFs and devoted Barbz Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez seated side-by-side and singing along because they know all the words. Cute, right?

And so already, rumored seating charts are causing buzz around the ‘Net. From the looks of things, tonight could get interesting! Taylor Swift will sit next to and tower over (she is 5’11”, he 5’6″) Lil Wayne; fashion forward rapper A$AP Rocky next to fashion forward starlet Miley Cyrus; Gotye in front of Mac Miller; and Katy Perry is stuck as third wheel between Rihanna and Drake. PopDust has a good rundown of the rest.

Elsewhere in the leaked charts, last year’s Best New Artist Tyler, The Creator will be seated right in front of the gold medal winning Fab Five gymnasts. Do they know what they have coming for them? Tyler is proudly rowdy, and is known to make a scene when he wants. And though he’s not actually up for any awards this time around, surely he’ll have some excitement to burn off if his Odd Future brother Frank Ocean takes home a Moon Man of his own and we imagine the girls could teach him a thing or two about flipping out. So what do we think, will Tyler and the Fab 5 play nice? Or will very funny woman Rebel Wilson, who’s been seated next to Tyler, have to step in?

Can Drake and Chris Brown and Rihanna get along?
This has been the question on everyone’s mind since the nominee announcement. Drake and Chris Brown have shared a tumultuous history, fighting for the same girl’s attention and brawling down in clubs and such, and tonight they will both be in the house to face-off for Best Male Video. What’s more is, Rihanna and Drake are seated pretty close to each other and are nominated several times for their “Take Care” video, but rumor has it (as rumor always does) that Brown (her fellow Best Choreography nominee) is the one Rihanna wants to bring on stage with her. Can the three play nice? We’ll have to watch to find out.

Will there be a breakout star?
This year’s crop of Best New Artist nominees looks strong, as it includes fun., Carly Rae Jepsen, Frank Ocean, One Direction and The Wanted — all of whom have blown-up already this summer. Ocean and One Direction are both scheduled to perform, and probably everybody in attendance at the Staples Center tonight has rocked a “Call Me Maybe” dance party in the past few months. And though this is their breakout year as a band, they’ve actually been going to these things for a while now — check out this picture of Jack Antonoff and Fiona Apple the year she won Best New Artist at 1997 VMAs. Meanwhile, though not actually nominated for Best New Artist, on the come-up rapper A$AP Rocky will vie for a Best Editing Moon Man for his “Goldie” video, and will take the stage with Rihanna. The five most recent Best New Artist VMA winners include Tyler, the Creator, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Tokio Hotel and Gym Class Heroes, all of whom have since seen great success, so someone has something to look forward to after tonight. Will any of these artists get a boost from tonight’s coverage?

Who will take home the Video Of The Year Moon Man?
Last year, Katy Perry took home the Video of the Year Moon Man for “Fireworks.” Can she do it again with “Wide Awake”?  Competition is stiff this year, and if she wants to pull a repeat she’ll have to defeat a tough bunch: Gotye’s gone-viral “Somebody I Used To Know,” M.I.A.‘s super cool “Bad Girls” clip, Drake and Rihanna’s steamy “Take Care,” and Rihanna again’s controversial “We Found Love” video.

Gotye broke big this year when his “Somebody I Used To Know” video took-off on YouTube last spring, and it since rounded-up an astronomical 314,000,000 views on YouTube. But can views trump impressive stunts like M.I.A.’s car tipping, or drama like the set of Rihanna videos, one with Drake the other featuring a Chris Brown look alike? And will “Wide Awake”‘s Song of the Summer win do anything to bolster Katy Perry’s chances?

Tune in tonight at 8 PM EST to see how it all goes down. And then, onward to a new year’s worth of artists and videos!

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