Andy Grammer’s Lesson On Having Confidence, Post Break-Up

by (@Lacezilla)

We all know the moment. You know, when an epiphany comes floating into your consciousness and you realize it’s time to exit stage left of a relationship. The lights come on, and boom, your hand is forced and the decision is pretty much made for you.
In Andy Grammer’s new video for “Miss Me” (that you’ll find exclusively on for 24-hours!), the singer-songwriter applies a strong visual to a universal event most humans know all too well: the break-up. Using just-lit green glow-sticks to signify the termination of romances depicted in the clip, Grammer illustrates that even after heartbreaking infidelity, arguements, and served divorce papers, there is light at the end of the tunnel. As each of the video’s characters navigate their respective splits with a partner, the neon green light of their independence glow-stick leads them to a rockin’ rooftop party where, in newly-single solidarity, others like them are celebrating the fact that their exes will most assuredly regret doing them wrong, and ultimately, miss them. Like Puffy would say: take that, take that.

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