Welcome To Cuffing Season: Seduce Your Love Interest With These Boo-Nabbing Playlists All Week Long

by (@Lacezilla)

Summer’s on its way out, y’all, and despite the fact that it’s been an amazing one, the time has come to switch gears and start preparing for the colder months. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been secretly daydreaming of pumpkin spice lattes and outerwear weather for the last few weeks — afraid to tell your friends though, because they’ll accuse you of wishing summer away. But beyond the autumn staples we love to ingest and layer on, there are also some more important priorities to consider, like who will be keeping you warm during those nights when the crisp fall air zips into your open bedroom window. Burr. No Gucci Mane.

With that in mind, there are a few things you need to know now that it’s nearly Cuffin’ Season. Officially kicking off on September 22nd, the primary goal during Cuffin’ Season is to find yourself a consistent relationship or hookup partner to last you through the winter months when, let’s face it, you’re more than likely gonna be stuck indoors most nights. All the late-night partying and random flings that summertime afforded you will quickly become less appealing when words like “wind chill factor” once again start becoming part of our daily lexicon, so now’s the time to take a good look around and determine which potential love-interests are out there to settle down with before they get scooped up. You don’t want to find yourself bored, horny, and needing some companionship in the house all winter long, do you?

To bring you up to speed, we’re currently in Cuffin’ pre-season, mourning the impending loss of our most savage summer nights and kissing all that skin we’ve been feasting our eyes on goodbye. No more muscle Ts or spaghetti strap dresses; we’re all about that scarf and hoodie life now. Time is of the essence to lock-in a good candidate to cuff this year, and like the good folks at ToySldrs.com said when they unleashed this year’s Cuffin’ Season calendar, “You don’t wing excellence.”

That, friends, is precisely why we’re sashaying in to help you step your game up a little bit this season. We may not be able to do the texting, tweeting and in-person flirting necessary to reel-in your Cuff Target, but we can, however, supply you with some inspirational music to help you get your groove back! Every day this week, we’ll be rolling out themed Spotify playlists to aid you in your cuffing endeavors; hoping you’ll find them useful, the collections of songs are suited for different romantic situations and tailored to tickle the fancy of a few personality types you’re likely to encounter.

MONDAY: Let My Love Adorn You: Scooping A Hopeless Romantic
TUESDAY: I Wanna Be Down: Reeling-In A Distracted Workaholic
WEDNESDAY: Doin’ It Well: Bagging The No-Holds-Barred Freak
THURSDAY: We Belong Together: Pulling A (They’re Already Taken) Robbery
FRIDAY: Rock With You: Enticing The Cocky, Smooth Talker

To start off on the right foot, our first playlist is rooted in the most wholesome, meaningful reason to participate in Cuffin’ Season at all: a healthy relationship where both partners are head-over-heels in love. Whether you’re ready to cuddle and stare into someone’s eyes all week long or fantasize about a solid future with your crush, this is the love-stoned playlist, “Let My Love Adorn You: Scooping A Hopeless Romantic,” is for you. It includes cuts from your faves like Alicia Keys, New Edition, Miguel and Faith Evans, but by all means, chime in with your favorite love songs in the comments section or tweet @VH1 or @VH1Music with #CuffinSeason suggestions so we can make sure your tracks can be shared with all the other (music) lovers out there too!

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