Kanye West Sort Of Freestyles For Two Minutes On Ice- T’s Art Of Rap Documentary


Kanye West sort of freestyles for two minutes in Ice-T‘s Something From Nothing: Art of Rap documentary. And by “sort of” we mean it’s presented as a freestyle, but we doubt the rap was off the top of the dome. More on that later.

Back in June when Art of Rap aired in theaters, we shared the hilarious story of Ice-T’s favorite moment in the film being Rev Run’s retell how it felt to be on top. Let’s just say that story included syrup dripping into a bathtub. If you missed a slew of rap’s greats talk about the art of rap, you’re in luck. This Thursday at 9:00 PM ET/PT, VH1 will air the documentary in full. Kanye snapping is not something you want to miss.

By now you’re thinking what is a “sort of freestyle.” Either it’s a freestyle or it’s not. Well, Ye spits his “freestyle” and it obviously sounds familiar if you’re a Kanye fan. The reason it sounds familiar is because it’s the entire rap from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’s “Gorgeous.” Now we don’t know if the documentary was recorded before he laid down his verses for “Gorgeous” or vice versa. But who really cares? It’s Kanye, super passionate about the words he’s spitting. A capella! That in itself is enough reason to tune in this Thursday to VH1 at 9:00 PM ET/PT for Art of Rap. You’ll also want to check out the soundtrack to of the same name Something From Nothing: Art of Rap.

Kanye West Sort Of Freestyles On Ice-T's Art Of Rap Documentary

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