Reel-In Cuffing Season’s Hard-To-Get Suitors With Songs That Summon Patience

by (@Lacezilla)

Yesterday we introduced you to the calendarized concept of Cuffin’ Season, the time of year when folks start keeping their eyes open for a stable boo to hold them down through winter. Since we’re in Cuffin’ pre-season, it’s important that you get with the program – September 22nd is right around the corner, and a lack of early strategy might leave even the most sought-after single catches in the dust.

Each day this week, we’re unleashing Spotify playlists to help you both mentally prepare for suiters to reveal themselves and get inspired to start making your own roster of potential Cuffin’ candidates. Last night’s playlist was compiled with the Hopeless Romantics in mind, and today’s is geared toward a more challenging target: The Distracted Workaholics. You know the type. He or she is so career-minded, they’re almost impossible to pin down. During the day, they’re in meetings and deliver you delayed responses, and they’re working so late that your dinners turn into “let’s just get a drink,” or get canned altogether. But you like this person – a lot – because being focused and ambitious is attractive, and dating a bread-winner has a nice little caché to it. That, and you’re pretty sure the feelings are reciprocated, evidenced when they come up for air full-force, showering you with apologies and make-good efforts that flip your frown upside-down. Can that sort of inconsistency make for a good foundation, though?

To recap, here’s the rundown for this week’s Cuffin’ Season playlists:
MONDAY: Let My Love Adorn You: Scooping A Hopeless Romantic
TUESDAY: I Wanna Be Down: Reeling-In A Distracted Workaholic
WEDNESDAY: Doin’ It Well: Bagging The No-Holds-Barred Freak
THURSDAY: We Belong Together: Pulling A (They’re Already Taken) Robbery
FRIDAY: Rock With You: Enticing The Cocky, Smooth Talker

Now, I won’t fib: this I Wanna Be Down: Reeling-In A Distracted Workaholic playlist is a lot at once, but only because the ups and downs of dealing with someone whose priorities don’t reside in the couple-building sphere are reflected. It’s a playlist that’s brave in painting what the relationship could be, vulnerable in ackowledging how being patient can become difficult, and sexually alluring, because hey, sometimes that sh*t just works. But in Cuffin’ Season and in life, one never wants to be too desperate in their attention-seeking approach, right? (I hope you’re all nodding.) In addition to spanning the emotional spectrum, this playlist sprinkles in a playful ultimatum that makes it clear the clock is ticking and if they’re not interested in getting closer, there are other fish in the sea. Holding out for someone who may never come around isn’t fresh, and having the confidence to know you can find suitable alternatives to canoodle with this season is essential when entering the Game of Cuffs.

Without further adieu, dive into today’s helping of Cuffin’ inspiration, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow when things get a bit more, shall we say, risqué.

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