Get A Free MP3 Of Gangs Of Ballet’s “Hello Sweet World” (As Heard On VH1’s Rehab With Dr. Drew)


Last October I had the opportunity of taking a trip to South Africa. I stayed primarily in Cape Town, but on my way back to the U.S. I stopped in Johannesburg to check out a gig from a band that’s no stranger to VH1, Civil Twilight. The openers that day? Gangs Of Ballet: four guys from Durban who, at the time, had only released one single and existed as a band for less than a year. The live show was memorable and the new tracks I heard in the car the following day seemed tailor made for our Rehab With Dr. Drew series. Lyrics of hope, love, and fear echo throughout their EP (released March 2012) but the theme of hope rings loudest in the songs “Hello Sweet World,” “Warm Skies,” and “Breaking The Silence” which were stuck in my head when I returned home. Nearly a year passed when I received a message from their drummer, Josh Klynsmith, with a link to preview their beautifully shot music video for “Hello Sweet World”. I’m not sure what I was expecting from the video but to say it impressed me would be an understatement. This is when we realized how perfect this song was for our show. The images took it to a whole new level.

We had conversations with our promos department, almost immediately, about using portions of the video along with clips from the upcoming season in a promo campaign. It didn’t take much convincing. In fact, this might have been the easiest sell ever. What resulted was a minute and a half look at the new season of Rehab with a very powerful score. The tone of the verses helps reflect the dark side of the disease that is addiction and the aspirational build of the song’s bridge represents the optimism of recovery. Further discussions placed the song in the opening sequence of this new season. The song’s verse and lyric “hello sweet world” help complement shots of an empty highway with the words “Addiction. Isolation. Hope. Rehab”. “Hello Sweet World” captures the message of this show perfectly.

The entire process from discovery of the band, song, and working with our promos department happened so effortlessly it seemed fortuitous. We’re looking forward to watching Dr. Drew help save lives this season and hope that “Hello Sweet World” can help the audience find inspiration and courage to overcome hardships.

DOWNLOAD: Gangs Of Ballet – “Hello Sweet World” (MP3) Sorry, the download link expired!

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