Of Course Usher Is Narcissistic Enough To Make Love To His Own Music


Forget about Oprah getting Usher to divulge on some of the most personal moments in his life. Well, that was important too, but it almost takes a backseat to his big revelation. The talk show veteran not only had the gall to ask him if he’s ever gotten it on to his own music, Usher answered honestly. Our guess prior to last night’s episode was that the southern R&B star would think it sort of weird to hear his crooning voice as he’s making the headboard hit the wall. But no, not Usher. He’s totally into that sort of thing.

“I love that. You caught me,” he said after initially laughing. He finally answered. “Some may say this would be rather narcissistic, but yeah.” Oprah got such a chuckle out of Usher’s response that she added her approval, “If I were you, I would.” Gosh Oprah. I don’t know that we needed a visual of you or Usher bumping and grinding to the Confessions album. Is there anything she can’t get a celeb to answer? Probably not.

Usher Makes Love to his Own Music

Usher Pleads Guilty to Getting it On to His Own Music [Popdust]

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