One Of Our Five Favorite Gifs From Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids” Does Indeed Include A Stripper


One of examples of Frank Ocean‘s superb songwriting/storytelling skills is his imagination. Pyramids are usually automatically associated with Egypt by default, but Frank being anything but ordinary turned “Pyramids” into the place where strippers dwell. A day after kicking off Saturday Night Live‘s 15th season with a live performance accompanied by John Mayer, the visual to his wildly popular “Pyramids” hit the ‘net. And as expected, alas, there are strippers. Directed by Nabil, the eight minute video owes its aesthetic appeal to the numerous special effects. The bending lamp posts, the multiple Frank Oceans, the blinking fluorescent lights, they are all somewhat mesmerizing. John Mayer’s guitar performance in the middle of the desert is easily one of the highlights. Although the strippers are the focal point of the song, they serve as merely a backdrop in the video, despite their obvious presence. Now that we’ve seen the women “working at the pyramids tonight” the mystique is gone, for now. Until the next time you watch the video. Have a look at some of the awesome gifs from the video.

She has the come hither look down to a science.
Too bad Frank O. was still unmoved.

Frank Ocean on Frank Ocean’s back while
motorcycling through the desert is so boss!

John Mayer’s electronic guitar performance in
front of flashing lights is one the best things
about the video.

Because we couldn’t get enough of him the first time.

FO should use special effects in every video
if this is going to be the outcome.

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