Randy Newman’s Back With A New Satirical Song “I’m Dreaming Of A White President”


Satirical songs are Randy Newman‘s forte. Newman set some time aside from his busy film composer schedule to record his latest song “I’m Dreaming” where he weighs in on the presidency and race. “I’m dreaming of a white president,” he croons. “Just like the ones we’ve always had.” President Obama’s election as the first black president has sparked numerous conversations around race and racism. Slate pointed out Newman once said, “There are a lot of people who don’t want a black person in the White House and they want him out,” so the song was inspired by that belief.

“He won’t be the brightest. Perhaps. But he’ll be the whitest and I’ll vote for that,” he sings. He describes the character in “I’m Dreaming” (he typically sings from the point of view of a character) as spewing “nonsense.” “Of course, this guy, in “I’m Dreaming,” he has no case at all, just some vague pseudo-scientific theories that no doubt sound good to him but are nonsense,” he told Slate. Not that we think he cares, but Newman will surely ruffle a few feathers with this one. But something tells us he’s used to it by now.

Randy Newman's Satirical Song "I'm Dreaming Of A White President"

Randy Newman Returns to His Political Roots with New Satirical Song, ‘I’m Dreaming of a White President’ [Slate]

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