Leona Lewis May Have A “Glassheart,” But It Makes You Want To Dance


Leona Lewis Glassheart

Her soprano operatic voice is made for beautiful ballads. Leona Lewis has the chops to pour her soul into “Bleeding Love” or “Run.” Unlike it’s predecessors, the title track “Glassheart” is a gritty dubstep song with a house beat. It’s about love, more specifically heartbreak. Melancholy doesn’t exist in the sound despite the sadness of the lyrics. Dancing through a broken heart seems like the only thing left to do while “Glassheart” plays. Anything else would be unfitting.

Although Leona teamed up with “Bleeding Love” producer Ryan Tedder the two songs couldn’t sonically sound more different. Leona’s artistry is evolving with each album. Both singles released from her forthcoming third album showcase a creative growth as a versatile artist whose vocal range can run the gamut of a house dance track to her ballad specialty.

LISTEN: Leona Lewis Unveils New Track ‘Glassheart’ [Entertainment Wise]

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