Billie Joe Armstrong Smashes Guitar, Declares He’s Not “F–king Justin Bieber” At The iHeartRadio Music Festival

by (@E_Meds)

Green Day - iHeartRadio Music Festival

We don’t know what happened before Green Day took the stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival last night, but whatever it was sure put Billie Joe Armstrong in a mood. From the moment he spoke his first words into the mic, Billie Joe was in full rock star mode.

Billie Joe greeted the audience with, “Get your f–king lazy a–es in the air!” And they listened like obedient little rockers overcome with the intoxicating air of a band that is just as influential today as they were when they first started a couple of decades ago (more on that later). The crowd was dancing, singing, and playing along with Billie’s I-don’t-give-a-f–k attitude. Nearly every other word he spoke was a certain expletive that begins with an “f” and rhymes with “duck”. There wasn’t a person in the arena who didn’t feel sorry for the poor guy manning the dump button. The MGM Grand Garden Arena was electrified.

Then the organizers of the iHeartRadio Music Festival learned the most important lesson they could have learned in front of an audience of millions (in-house and online): don’t ever, ever, cut Green Day off. Ever.

When Billie Joe realized the band only had four minutes left in their set before they had to make way for closing act Rihanna, he was not pleased — and that’s putting it lightly. “I’ve been around for 25 f–king years Las Vegas. What am I supposed to do with four minutes,” screamed Billie. Then, after realizing he’d spent about three of the band’s remaining four minutes, Billie further clarified his legacy-status in the music business: “I’ve been around since nineteen eighty f–king eight and you’re going to give me one minute? What the f–k? I’m not f–king Justin Bieber, motherf–kers. You’ve got to be f–king joking.”

And with that, the beautiful guitar Billie used to play classic songs from the band’s catalog earlier in the set was smashed to pieces by the Green Day frontman. The crowd went insane as they exited to backstage, leaving guitar pieces strewn across the stage. True rockstars, indeed.

Night two of the iHeartRadio Music Festival will be broadcast live on Yahoo beginning at 7:30 PT September 22. Click here for more information.

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