BRACKET MADNESS: Is Michael Jackson Or Lil Wayne The Greatest Male Aritst?


At the beginning of our Bracket Madness for the greatest male artist it seemed like an impossible task to choose just one of the eight contenders. Round after round you voted, and its come down to Michael Jackson vs. Lil Wayne. An unlikely pairing, but an intriguing match-up nonetheless. The King of Pop going toe-to-toe for a crown with the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive since the best rapper retired” is certainly a modern day spin on music.

Both Weezy and MJ started honing their crafts as children. While MJ danced and sung with his brothers in their living room home in Gary, Indiana, Wayne was spitting rhymes in grade school. Years of unimaginable hours spent perfecting their craft, the two would overcome surmountable odds to land at the top of their genres. MJ taking over the world of pop and Wayne’s throne sitting on top of rap. MJ’s accomplishments, classic songs and videos, philanthropy and global star power goes without saying. There’s really no comparison to him with another artist in any genre. Wayne’s evolution from the New Orleans Hot Boys’ group member to selling a million records in a week during a time the purchase of music had declined, also can’t go without mentioning.

Timeless music is one of the greatest measures of an artist. Whose music will you listen to 20 years from now? And whose music will your children’s children appreciate? Answer those questions by voting for who you think is the greatest male artist. Voting ends on Friday, September 28 at 12PM ET/PT.

Bracket Madness: MJ vs. Lil Wayne Greatest Male Artist

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