“I Don’t Recall:” Lil Wayne’s Deposition Videos Are Really Something Else

by (@zaragolden)

A famous scene from D.A. Pennebaker’s landmark 1967 documentary Don’t Look Back shows Bob Dylan tangling with the press as they try draw serious answers from him. “Would you say you care about people particularly?” one woman asks, earning only another question in response: “Well, yeah, but we all have our own definitions of all those words. Care, and people?” Today the fine folks of TMZ have done their best Pennebaker-ing, making available to the greater public these three videos of Lil Wayne‘s deposition hearing with powerhouse lawyer Pete Ross that find Wayne working his charm just as Dylan did in ’65 — brilliant or insolent, as that charm may be.

For background, Lil Wayne has raised charges against Quincy Jones III, Quincy Jones‘s son, alleging that he used a number of unauthorized tracks in his documentary about Wayne The Carter. Given that this is Wayne’s case to win, you might assume that Wayne would be on his best behavior or at least cooperative; but these videos suggest, well, something else. Acting a wise guy, Wayne ducks and dodges the lawyer’s “stupid ass” questions, questioning the questions and pulling his hoodie over his head while refusing to give much more than “I don’t recall.” At one point, Wayne gets chastised for pre-empting a question — and a nice one, too, about whether or not he won a Grammy in 2008 — with an “I don’t know,” and he just rolls his eyes: “I’m sorry, that’s my psychic.”

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Asked if he performed alongside Kanye West at the Virgin Mobile Music Fest in 2008, Wayne shoots back another “I don’t know,” and then pauses to check his nails before adding, unsolicited: “but I know that I did perform at this bad ass bitch birthday party recently. She was crazy, stupid thick.” And then, when asked if he’s ever hired a photographer to photograph an event, he politely reminds the lawyer that, “Sorry, sir, no. I am a superstar.”

In this last video, he refuses to describe “his image,” offering wisely instead that: “I don’t portray anything, I am who I am, and you guys portray what you get from that.” Then he raises questions as to whether or not the court of laws real hold of power, pointing to the judge while addressing the lawyer: “That guy right there, he can’t save you in the real world, just so you know.”

Lil Wayne DepositioN Short On Memory But Hilarious [TMZ]

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