Popdust’s No. 1 Pop Star Justin Bieber Reveals His “Favorite Things,” Likes Michael Jackson And Porcupines

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Popdust has gone ahead and done the impossible: ranked the world’s greatest pop stars. Sure to account for the inspiring, bewildering, hilarious, and the naughty, they’ve created a comprehensive list they call the Popdust 40, described as “artists whose music we love and love lives we find fascinating, who shoot the videos and tap out the tweets that amuse us and who employ stylists to create the globe’s most interesting hair.” Included in their mix are fan nominated K-Pop sensations Big Bang to 2Chainz, Glambert  to Madonna, P!nk to Carly Rae, Skrillex and Ellie Goulding to Jay-Z and Beyonce, and so and and so forth. The list is thorough and exhaustive, and try as we might, we can’t think of anyone more deserving than these forty. And most of all we like that, instead of simply stopping when they hit Number One (spoilers ahead!), they went ahead and asked their No. 1 artist Justin Bieber to rank a few favorites of his own. Turns out Popdust’s King of Pop is a fan of that other King of Pop!

Popdust’s No. 1 Greatest Pop Star Justin Bieber went ahead and revealed his favorite things in 20 categories — celebrities, junk food and his fellow pop stars among them. What did we learn? Justin doesn’t diet and he likes his apples dipped in caramel; his favorite shows to tune-in and out to are Family Guy and Friends; if you catch him in his Beats By Dre, he’s probably bumping “Clique;” and his favorite animal is the porcupine, cute and and spiky just like his post-bans ‘do. And becasue listed the otherwise unranked King of Pop himself Michael Jackson as his favorite singer, and we are going ahead at cast a vote or few for MJ in Bieber’s name before voting for VH1 Greatest Male Artist closes.

Justin Bieber: My Favorite Things
The Popdust 40: The World’s Greatest Pop Stars, From Big Bang to Justin Bieber [PopDust]

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