But Wait, There’s More! Lil Wayne Talks To God In Newly Leaked Deposition Tape

by (@zaragolden)

Yesterday we greedily devoured that goldmine of tapes TMZ somehow snuck from Lil Wayne’s tangled The Carter deposition hearings, and today we are happy to share the good news that there’s more.

In this new clip, filmmaker Quincy Jones III’s lawyer David Ross asks Lil Wayne if he remembers who he might have spoken to when he first realized he didn’t like The Carter. After much dodging, Weezy gives in and tells Ross that, per usual, he would have conferred first with the big man above. “The first person likely that would have been told by me would be God, because I tell him everything,” he says totally straight faced, before spelling it out “G-O-D” when Ross asked for further clarification as to “Who’s that?” exactly.

And so, Lil Wayne’s June 20th deposition hearing with lawyer David Ross, in summary: “I don’t recall … I don’t recall … That’s a stupid ass question … I don’t remember … She was crazy, stupid thick … God, G-O-D, the man above … I don’t recall.” Got it?

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Lil Wayne I Got God On Speed Dial [TMZ]

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