Ke$ha Finally Writes About Something We Can All Relate To — Sex With Ghosts

by (@unclegrambo)

Do you ever brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack? Have you ever attended a party where James Van Der Beek turned into a unicorn? Would any of your friends ever describe your behavior as being like a lovesick crackhead? We’re guessing you answered “No” to all of the above, which can only mean one thing — you probably didn’t find yourself relating to many of the songs on Ke$ha‘s debut album, Animal (or its glittery follow-up, Cannibal.) Recognizing that she was suffering from what politicians often describe as a “lack of relatability,” it seems as if the Princess of GlitterVomPop has finally written a song on her new album that even the most boring of us can identify with — sex with ghosts!

Of course, we kid. No one listens to Ke$ha because they think, “Wow, that sounds exactly like the kind of autobiographical music I’d write if I decided to lay down an album.” We listen to and love Ke$ha for escapist reasons, because she’s a wild child who celebrates the “party ’til you puke” lifestyle that most of us secretly wish we had (on those weekends when we’re NOT in Vegas, we mean). So, it makes perfect sense that Ke$ha would pen a song, “Supernatural,” about getting freaky with spirits from another plane of being. She told Ryan Seacrest yesterday that the song from her upcoming album is based on “a couple of (sexual) experiences with the supernatural. I don’t know his name! He was a ghost! I’m very open to it.” Of course you’re open to sex with ghosts, Ke$ha! That’s what makes you you, and not us. Never change!

Of Course, Ke$ha Had Sex With A Ghost. It’s, Like, The Most Obvious Thing [Crushable]

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