Navigating The Dating Scene This Fall? Vivian Green Has Some Advice To Keep In Mind During Cuffing Season

by (@Lacezilla)

Quick question. Would you rather be cuddled up with someone you enjoy spending time with all winter, or lonely and depressed? There’s certainly nothing wrong with flying solo, but if “lacking intimacy” doesn’t sound like your ideal set of circumstances from now through February, listen up! The primary goal during Cuffing Season is to find yourself a consistent relationship (or, at the bare minimum, a steady hookup partner) to last you through the winter months when, let’s face it, you’re more than likely gonna be stuck indoors most nights (word to snow boots, wind chill factors, and ice-glazed sidewalks).

Luckily, songstress Vivian Green recently sat down with VH1 Tuner, and just because she prefers to let her romantic life pan out organically doesn’t mean Viv was at a loss for words when we asked her to address her fans with some survival tips for entering the daunting Cuffing Season arena. In the clip above, the “Anything Out There” vocalist delivers a PSA of sorts, and her suggestions for approaching the Game of Cuffs are definitely useful to all.

A few weeks ago, we explained the idea behind Cuffing Season and threw you guys some motivational alley-oops via Spotify playlists, helping to mentally prepare you for this romantic-but-competitive time of year. With this year’s summertime rooftop soirées now in the past and fall officially upon us, the time has come to take a good look around and determine which potential love-interests are out there to settle down with before they get snatched up by someone else. No one wants to find themselves bored and randy in the house all winter long, especially when friends and loved ones are delighting in healthy companionship.

You, too, can conquer Cuffing Season… you just might need a little inspiration. The following five playlists were built specifically to help boost your romantic mojo in different dating scenarios, and even if you’re taken, they can serve as the musical backdrop to some of your most seductive moments:

Let My Love Adorn You: Scooping A Hopeless Romantic
I Wanna Be Down: Reeling-In A Distracted Workaholic
Doin’ It Well: Bagging The No-Holds-Barred Freak
We Belong Together: Pulling A (They’re Already Taken) Robbery
Rock With You: Enticing The Cocky, Smooth Talker

Beyond us arming you with Vivian’s advice and thoroughly-curated playlists, Mass Appeal sat down with the creator of the Cuffing Season calendar to hash-out the dos and don’ts for the next few months, so ready your breakfast and eat hearty, dear Cuffers. We’ll be checking back in with you here and there over the next few weeks, and we expect to see some boo-snatching progress. But remember: like Vivian’s suggestions emphasized, Cuffing Season should be about having a drama-free good time, so stay confident, and be safe!

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