Who Said It Best: X Factor‘s Britney Spears Vs. The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera (Week 3)

by (@fdot415)

We’ve been keeping tabs on  The X Factor and The Voice for no other reason than to have fun with the rivalry that will never get old Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera . This time instead of who’s the best pop superstar, we’ve been pitting them head-to-head to see who is the best judge on her respective singing competition show. As always we invite you to speak your mind about who was the better judge.

Team Britney

Sassiest Comment: “Amazing.” Really. Someone needs to refresh her script of approved commentary, because brutal Britney of first episode seems to be long gone. Maybe the audition process is as tedious to her as it is to us. Luckily it’s the last of audition episodes. Maybe we’ll get a little more unpredictability during the live episodes.

Diva Moment: What do we love Britney for if not her dancing? Well, Brit Brit’s not one to disappoint. The first few strains of “Ice Ice Baby” barely hit the speakers before she was screaming “I love this song!” and out of her seat busting moves like a wasted college co-ed at a bar on a thirsty Thursday.  Still got it!

Team Christina

Sassiest Comment: “I’ve got plenty of cars!” Miss Aguilera is a rich bitch according to that hawt piece of jewelry she’s rocking in her new video for “Your Body.” And she’s not afraind to use that green to entice attractive repeat contestant Dez Duron over to her team when he says he needs a car in LA. Let’s just say he accepted her ride. Christina had to fan herself off after he left the stage. Down girl!

Diva Moment: “I think the world could use another great pop star, and who better to coach them but me,” she asked   Truer words were never spoken, Christina. At least that’s what she probably tells herself before each show. Two snaps for


This week goes to Christina. Britney’s impromptu twerking aside, she didn’t say much of anything and as a judge your hips can’t do all the talking. But Christina definitely turned on her battle mode on The Voice, even getting a little cheeky with the contestants and fellow judges.  Let’s hope the upcoming bootcamp X Factor episodes  next week give us a more feisty (at the very least, alert) Britney Spears.

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