Fiona Apple Asks Gossip Sites To Lay Off “Because It Really F***ing Bothers Me”

by (@zaragolden)

Poor Fiona Apple, her arrest seems to have become quite the distraction.

Apple’s storied career boasts many dramatic moments — breakdowns, breakups, breakthroughs — but she’s never been of much interest to gossip sites, who tend to trade in headlines juicier than ‘Reclusive Singer-Songwriter Splits From Brooklyn Writer Boyfriend,’ say. And so they’ve mostly stayed out of her way, letting her go about her business and share what she likes through song. But her arrest for drug possession seems to have located her on their radars, because gossip sites who otherwise would have paid her no notice have taken to speculating about her slight weight, as well. And you know what? She’s had enough of the negative attention.

Apple begged her plea on on Saturday in Florida, sitting cross-legged on stage with a friend there to keep her from rambling (“I know I do that”). Addressing Perez Hilton — “and I’m sorry man, but you’re the only one that has the guts to be a person rather than just a bunch of people like TMZ or whatever” — directly and the gossip industry generally, she asked that everyone simply “lay off with that stuff because it hurts my feelings”:

Perez Hilton, TMZ, whoever you represent: I’m not invulnerable to this stuff. I’ve been around for many years, but it hurts. I didn’t need to hear that I’m 90 years old just because I didn’t have a facelift in the last seven years. I’m fucking losing weight because I am having trouble digesting food because your guts are connected to your brain and I have a lot of stress in my brain.

… So lay off with that stuff because it hurts my feelings. That should be a good enough reason. Stop hurting people’s feelings, stop bullying people because you were bullied. I know that that’s not what you are. It can’t be. Please stop hurting my feelings because it really fucking bothers me. Seriously. Please stop. It doesn’t matter what I look like!

And then later on in the evening she added, “And another thing: Don’t call me frail, everybody. I’ll beat the hell out of you.” We wouldn’t doubt her.

Watch: Fiona Apple Hits Back at Gossip Websites: “Please Stop Hurting My Feelings” [Pitchfork]

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