Learn Shanghainese With Adam Lambert: Ngu Ei Nong! I Love You!

by (@zaragolden)

In Shanghai, China over the weekend, Adam Lambert was schooled in the local dialect live and on air while appearing on the popular talkshow 80’s Talkshow. Looking extra glam with his silver hair and in a borrowed studded leather jacket — “Don’t make me give it back!” — he listened attentively as the dear instructor went over a few useful phrases. As the show’s host attests to, Shanghainese is a tricky dialect, but Glam was down for the challenge. “Okay, I am going to do a really good job,” he said, sounding genuinely eager to learn.

You can learn, too! Just repeat after him, after he repeats after her:

How are you? (1:30): nong hau

Thank You (1:47): xia xia nong

I Love You (2:37): ngu ei nong

That last being the most important, the audience joined in with help and encouragement, making sure he had a real handle on the phrase before they sent him off to his The Voice of China performance. Thankful for the lesson, Glambert gave the audience one last big “ngu ei nong” and his teacher a gracious kiss. Aww!

Watch Adam Lambert perform “Whataya Want From Me” on The Voice of China:

Adam Lambert Gets Chinese Lessons from the People of Shanghai [Popdust]

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